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May 9, 2016

What Do Dallas Home Inspectors Really Do?

Inspecting Wiring in House Dallas

Home buyers may avoid hiring inspectors a lot of the time because they do not understand what they do. What exactly are home inspectors looking for when they slide into the crawl space, investigate the basements, or climb on the top of the roof ? Why do they do it?

There are numerous things inspectors have to look at both inside and outside the home. Dallas home inspectors are handy for accessing and diagnosing issues that are found. Still, people can only really appreciate the cost they pay for an inspector when they understand what the job entails to see the true value.

Inspecting Major Systems in the Home

  • Plumbing: The plumbing in the house is evaluated to ensure the lining was setup properly, if it supplies adequate water throughout the home, and to check to see if it drains properly. We’re checking the water pressure in the home and we’re also checking out the water heater too.
  • Air Conditioner & Heater: Making sure the A/C and heater turn on is only half the work. Our inspectors check to see if both systems are sized to serve the home efficiently (which saves on electricity)and circulates throughout the home evenly.
  • Electricity: The electrical system is looked at to see if it is capable of providing the house power. It should also be properly installed, bonded, and grounded. We’re looking to see if everything is compliant.

A home should also have proper ventilation for the water heater as well as the gas appliances and dryers. Gas buildup is the most dangerous and can build up fast in the home if it does not have a proper exit funnel. Dryers are inspected to see if they dry clothes properly and expel hot air so fires do not occur.


The foundation is one of the most critical things to look at in the house. You can consider it as your anchor, and the house can sink if things weren’t properly done. If the house has stairs, they need to be looked at to see if it is at a safe height, angle, and is uniform. The same goes for the hand and guard rails if there are any.

Ground fault interrupters are the interesting plugs you find, or at least should find, in your bathroom and kitchen whenever water and electricity are close. Homes are also scouted to see if they have a smoke detector that are correctly installed and distributed in the right areas.

The Perimeter and the Roof

The roof of the house protects you from the weather and inspectors verify its durability and check to see whether or not it was installed properly by a professional. The perimeter around the roof should also have a proper drainage system for water when it rains. Inspectors also check to see how the walls intersect with the roof of the house to see how waterproof it is. If the home has openings (skylights or a chimney), they are checked too.

There is a lot involved in the process to ensure the home you buy is a safe one. It is our duty to look out for your best interests.

These are just a few of the things we do when inspecting a property. Do You Need an Experienced and Qualified Dallas Home Inspector?

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