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A Buyer’s Guide to Open House Etiquette
By: Annalisa Burgos Homebuyers get away with a lot of things these days. Lowball offers. Closing cost credits. Tax credits.[...]
Selling Your House? Better Prepare for the Home Inspection
You’ve got a contract on your home for sale—congratulations! But before you pop the cork on the champagne, you’ve got[...]
7 Things Your Home Inspector Wishes You Knew
No matter whether you're buying or selling, the home inspection process can be scary. But don't panic—there are seven ways[...]
New Homeowners Check List
Congratulations! You have just purchased your first home. Now you can relax, right? Not at all! You are just getting[...]
What’s Covered in a Typical Home Inspection
A standard home inspection look at the basic issues a house may have if there is a problem. Like a general[...]
What Are Home Defects and is the Buyer or Seller Responsible?
An inspector's job is to help a buyer decide if they want to buy a home by providing them with information[...]
Don’t Share Your New Home With Termites!
Termites are little buggers that can cause big problems in a home when they gnaw away and destroy wood on[...]
Does the Home You Want to Buy Have a Pool?
Nothing makes a home more appealing than a swimming pool. But there's a lot to think about when deciding to[...]
Home Inspectors Can Help with Mold
There's not a person in the world who'd willingly want to buy a home that is infested with mold. However, purchases[...]
It Pays to Heed the Advice of a Dallas Home Inspector
There's typically two types of home buyers ... one that is unaware of the pending complications a home has; and those that are aware[...]
Check for Radon Before Buying a Home in Dallas
Radon is a colorless, tasteless, naturally occurring radioactive gas. It's typically found in rock and soil, and in a few[...]
Don’t Skip the Home Inspection if You Want to Save Money on Your Dallas Home Purchase!
People, by nature, are hunters and will exclude doing or paying for things they don't believe are important. However, what is[...]
What Do Dallas Home Inspectors Really Do?
Home buyers may avoid hiring inspectors a lot of the time because they do not understand what they do. What exactly[...]
Dallas Home Inspection Warning:
Your dream home could be a nightmare in disguise ... You could easily lose thousands of thousands of dollars if you don't hire[...]
Remove That Ugly Popcorn Ceiling!
Want to change out your tacky and outdated popcorn ceiling for a more modern look? Here's the process you'll need[...]
Simple Tricks To Remodel Your Home WITHOUT Breaking Your Budget
Living in the same old boring home can get stale after awhile. But not everyone has the budget to move,[...]
Reliable Home Inspections Presents: Real Inspection Problems
The inspectors at Reliable Home Inspections are professionals who will always do a thorough inspection to make sure nothing is[...]
5 Reasons to Get a Reliable Home Inspection on New Homes
Buying or building a new home in the Dallas Fort Worth Area is one of the most important and expensive[...]

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