April 19, 2016

Remove That Ugly Popcorn Ceiling!

textured popcorn ceiling remove

Want to change out your tacky and outdated popcorn ceiling for a more modern look? Here’s the process you’ll need to do it yourself.

  1. If your ceiling was done pre-1980, you will want to get it tested for asbestos first. Popcorn ceilings, or acoustic ceilings as they are sometimes called, may contain asbestos which can be hazardous to your health. If your ceiling does contain asbestos, don’t worry! Either have it removed by a professional, or you can paint over it with an airless paint sprayer.
  1. Clear your room out. You’ll want to take out all the furniture, area rugs, or anything else below the ceiling that you don’t want to get covered in the popcorn texturing. Lay down plastic sheeting on your floors to make clean up even easier. You’ll also want to wear a mask and goggles, so that you don’t accidentally breathe in or get any in your eyes.
  1. Spray down the ceiling with water. Popcorn texturing is very porous, so it will soak up the water easily. This will make it easier to remove.
  1. After the ceiling has been soaked, use either a ceiling texture scraper or a large putty knife to scrape away the texture. This can be a laborious process, so it’s best to soak small sections at a time, scrape those off, and then move on to the next section so that you don’t wear out your arms. Long handled poles make this step a bit easier on your body.
  1. Sand down your ceiling after everything has been removed. This gives you a flat surface to work on. Repair any cracks or scuffs using joint compound.
  1. Use a paint primer to coat your ceiling, let it dry, and then paint the ceiling in whatever color you want. A neutral color like white will help make your room seem bigger, but a bold color like blue or red can give your room a “pop” and look visually appealing.

Acoustical ceiling texture may be outdated, but with a little work and a little time, you can create a dramatically different look to your room by redecorating the ceiling.

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