June 29, 2016

Does the Home You Want to Buy Have a Pool?

dallas swimming pool inspection

Nothing makes a home more appealing than a swimming pool. But there’s a lot to think about when deciding to buy a home with a pool. For example, there’s the required maintenance, increased water bill and heating bill (if the pool is heated), and so on.

Taking care of a pool is easier when it doesn’t have a lot of problems to begin with. Pools by themselves can be complex because of the various equipment and supplies that’s involved to ensure it stays clean and clog-free.

The pool itself needs to be inspected to ensure it is solid and leak-free. There are filters, gears, pumps, and heaters that need to be checked along with the plumbing and electrical equipment.

The decking surface around the pool, the covers that serve as a security blanket, and the hardware surrounding it should also be tested to determine the longevity and condition of the pool.

When a pool is in good condition, it should run smoothly without any problems. Whatever issue is not found when equipment is turned off will be found when they are on. Another test, a pressure test, should also be conducted to determine if a pool has leaks.

If you know you want a house that comes with a pool, you should discuss all the details mentioned above with the seller before you close on the home.

Normally, when you buy a house with a pool, you are agreeing to purchase it as-is. Before you sign any papers, know what you are getting into. Not rushing will keep you from getting stuck with a dysfunctional pool on your own.

In the event you have never owned a pool, or don’t understand the mechanics involved to ensure the pool you buy is good, Reliable Home Inspections can offer you a pool inspection alongside your standard home inspection.

You want to be able to purchase both your home and pool with confidence. We have been in business for over 18 years and our inspectors are experienced and are trained to look for problems.

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