May 18, 2016

Don’t Skip the Home Inspection if You Want to Save Money on Your Dallas Home Purchase!

Dont' Skip the Home Inspection

People, by nature, are hunters and will exclude doing or paying for things they don’t believe are important. However, what is and what isn’t important can easily be construed at times.

Buying a home is expensive, and there is often a budget involved, but omitting a home inspection can have major repercussions in the end. For example, if and/or when you discover unsettling things about the home, you’ve essentially waived your right to ask the previous homeowner for repairs.

Although, in many states, the seller is legally required to disclose potential issues with their homes, but how can you prove the home owner didn’t know? An experienced home inspector knows what to look for and it works to your advantage to hire one who knows exactly what to look for while inspecting the property.

Inexperienced buyers can easily lose out on a lot by not getting an inspection. Reliable Home Inspections never look at just the surface when evaluating homes. All customers are given a complete analysis of any and all problems that are found, as well as those that may become a problem in the future. For example, the roof on a home may be durable enough to last another 1-2 years … wouldn’t you want to know that when negotiating the terms of the purchase?

Inspections are important for safety reasons just as much as they are important for calculating your overall costs. Hiring a home inspector will also increase overall confidence in buying a home. A study, conducted by the American Society of Home Inspectors, found that nearly 90% of people stated that deciding to hire an inspector was an excellent choice. It gave them more confidence about purchasing a home after having total insight on the condition of a home and the surrounding property.

Over 80% of people from the study mentioned they were more likely to go through with a short sale or foreclosure deal only if an inspector stated the place was in good condition.

Home inspections help you determine what you’re willing to jump into as it relates to the property. Dream home or nightmare? Let us inspect your Dallas property and present you with the facts you need to determine how you wish to proceed!

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