June 8, 2016

It Pays to Heed the Advice of a Dallas Home Inspector

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There’s typically two types of home buyers … one that is unaware of the pending complications a home has; and those that are aware the home has a flaw or two, but tend to undermine how serious those complications are.

While it may be acceptable for you to hold off fixing minor issues you can deal with later, it’s a good idea to watch out for a few of these red flags mentioned below:

Buying Homes that were ‘flipped’ – While you can find great deals with these kind of homes, you want to have an inspector see if corners were cut. Oftentimes, investors buy damaged properties with the sole purpose of flipping for a quick profit. Many times, they’ll try and fix big problems by spending as little as possible. You want to have an inspector who is experienced and know what to look for. Our Dallas home inspectors can help you avoid buying a ‘lemon’.

Check the Windows – Windows are meant to ensure cool air and heat does not escape, and windows also prevents water or dampness from entering the home. Windows that are foggy, potentially have broken seals, and should be checked. If the damage is extensive, sliding doors or windows may need to be replaced. But if you’re aware of these problems prior to buying, you put yourself in a great situation to negotiate the repair by the seller.

Plumbing in the Home: Plumb lines are installed inside the walls of a home. If the plumb lining is bad, it can lead to water leaks and other damages.  Reliable Home Inspections can also check to see if a home has polybutylene piping, which are no longer in production because they are notorious for causing leak complications. In the event a home has it, we’ll disclose that in your home inspection report.

Old HVAC Systems: Any HVAC system that is over 20 years old likely needs to be upgraded. We can check out the unit to see how well it functions. If it’s time for a new unit, we’ll let you know.

Bad Roofs: The same goes for shingles … If it’s discovered the shingles are curling, this is typically an indication of roofing problems. This matter will need to be investigated further.

Mold of any degree is bad because it can grow like wildfire; this is something that should be talked about with the owner before you buy the home or property.

Should an inspector find any fed flag issues, the real estate agent you work with can help you negotiate with the seller. Contact us right now to discuss your home inspection needs in the Dallas metro area.

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