July 5, 2016

Don’t Share Your New Home With Termites!


Termites are little buggers that can cause big problems in a home when they gnaw away and destroy wood on site. Normally, when you are in the process of purchasing a home, many lenders require you check the house for termites before they approve you for a mortgage.

There are also occasions where it is not required, but avoiding a termite check when you have the option to choose one can wind up costing you more.

Our Dallas home inspection company can help you determine if a home you’re considering to buy has termites before the sale is complete.Termites are very destructive and many homeowner insurance policies seldom cover it. Hiring an inspector to check for termites can save you in the long run.

Termite inspections take about an hour to complete and it is important to be there when it is done, that way the inspector can show you what they see as well. They can also describe issues to you directly that would have likely been more complex to understand if you were to rely on the written report alone.

If a home had issues with termites before, but doesn’t currently have an infestation, it should not necessarily deter you from wanting to continue going through with the purchase.

Depending on the home, an inspector may also recommend a previously treated home get treated again if they find evidence of underground termites regardless if there is not current activity, or any sign of them.

Need help inspecting your home for termites?

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